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120 Minute Fire Rated Shutters Manchester

Prestige Fire Shutters UK produce a wide range of bespoke power operated Fire Shutter solutions made to fit any commercial and industrial building no matter the size or opening.

Our Fire Shutters help prevent the spreading of fire and smoke, containing it until the proper authorities arrive. Our Fire Shutters can also seal rooms off from one another preventing fire spreading into stock rooms.

Each Prestige Fire Shutter is thoroughly tested, inspected and certified by Warringtonfire, an accredited independent testing group, enabling us to issue Declaration of Performance. Our fire shutters are certified to provide up to 2 hours protection from fire.

If you require maintenance for you Fire Shutters Prestige offer affordable maintenance plans. All maintenance if carried out by experienced Fire Shutter engineers.

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Fire damage can have a potentially catastrophic impact on businesses. Without sufficient protection, fires will spread quickly, resulting in massive damage and huge losses in revenue. Prestige Fire Shutters UK provides ease of mind for business owners across the UK. Our expert team of engineers use the highest quality fire retardant materials to produce 120 minute fire rated shutters. A combination of expert engineering, and high quality materials means that properties that are protected by Prestige Fire Shutters UK are at a significantly lower risk of severe fire damage. 120 minutes of fire resistance is key for the protection of businesses and properties as it means that the risk of fire and smoke spreading is significantly reduced. This also gives enough time for authorities to arrive to deal with the fire.

Prestige Fire Shutters provides invaluable protection to our customers properties and businesses through our supply of the highest quality, rigorously tested 120 minute fire safe shutter solutions. We offer a wide range of power operated fire shutter solutions that are tested and approved in accordance with BS EN 476-22. All of our fire rated shutter solutions come with a fast 2-3 week turnaround from order to delivery.

Fire rated shutter solutions by Prestige Fire Shutters are custom built depending on the needs of the property. This means that our customers benefit from the highest quality, custom made fire rated shutters which are ready for installation within 2-3 weeks of purchase. Our fire rated shutters are made to fit any commercial or industrial building no matter the size or opening. Our engineers are experienced in the installation of fire rated shutters on a range of property types.

Our fire rated roller shutters are suitable for a variety of applications. Our fast turn around of 2-3 weeks makes Prestige Fire Shutters a hassle-free solution for shutter rollers. The team of expert engineers are able to provide solutions to spaces including:

• Commercial
• Industrial
• Restaurants
• Educational settings including schools and universities
• Retail properties
• Residential

As of November 2019, government legislation was introduced that required all fire shutters to be CE approved. All of our fire shutters are tested and approved by Warringtonfire. During the inspection process our fire rated shutters are tested to ensure the highest quality materials are being used in accordance with British Standard EN 476-22. This approval allows Prestige Fire Shutters to issue a Declaration of Performance. This means that our customers can rest assured that their properties and businesses are protected against the spread of fire and smoke damage for up to 2 hours, and this is provided by a trusted company who are using tested and approved materials.

Customer care is a priority at Prestige Fire Shutters. We provide a range of affordable maintenance plans that will ensure that your fire shutters receive expert aftercare, designed to regularly check and maintain your fire shutters. Regular servicing and maintenance work will ensure that the lifespan of your fire shutters are significantly prolonged, saving costs and as well as providing the security of well-maintained fire safety measures. All maintenance work is carried out to the highest standard by our team of experienced fire shutter engineers.

For a professional, hassle-free solution to fire safety, please contact Prestige Fire Shutters UK today to discuss your options. We are on hand to advise customers on the best way to provide their properties and businesses with the security of approved fire shutters. Our team of experienced engineers will ensure fast delivery and installation, as well as professional aftercare.


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